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Inventory Services

At Transparent Services, we understand that meticulous and accurate record-keeping is the backbone of a successful company.

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We Offer 

We take immense pride in offering a comprehensive inventory clerk service that prioritises the protection of our landlords and clients.

Detailed and accurate inventories to protect your investments. We provide thorough move-in and move-out inspections, along with regular inventory updates.

Comprehensive Inventory Reports: We deliver inventory reports that document the condition of your property and its contents. Our reports include detailed descriptions and high-quality photographs to ensure clarity and precision.

Check-In and Check-Out Services: Our team conducts thorough check-in and check-out inspections to ensure that the property’s condition is accurately recorded at the start and end of each tenancy. This helps in resolving disputes and protecting your investment.

Regular Inventory Updates: We provide periodic updates to the inventory records to reflect any changes or maintenance carried out on the property. This keeps your records current and accurate.

Mid-Term Inspections: Regular mid-term inspections to assess the property's condition during the tenancy, addressing any issues promptly and maintaining the property's value.

Damage Assessment and Reporting: In case of any damages, we offer prompt assessment and detailed reporting to facilitate timely repairs and resolution.

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